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Space Marines Now Available for Order!

    The new Space Marines are upon us! They are releasing this Saturday September 7th at Heavy Support Games all at the usual 20% off MSRP. Call us or come into the shop to order today!

    Codex: Space Marines – $70 MSRP$56 Our Price
    Space Marine Librarian - $35 MSRP - $28 Our Price
    Space Marine Captain - $35 MSRP - $28 Our Price
    Space Marine Tactical Squad - $50 MSRP$40 Our Price
    Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad - $60 MSRP$48 Our Price
    Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad - $50 MSRP$40 Our Price
    Space Marine Centurion Devestator Squad - $94 MSRP$75.20 Our Price
    Space Marine Stalker - $80 MSRP$64 Our Price
    Space Marine Strikeforce - $270 MSRP$216 Our Price
    Space Marine Reclusiam Command Squad - $110 MSRP$88 Our Price

    Pre-Order Magic: The Gathering THEROS!

      Pre-Order the next Magic: The Gathering set – THEROS today!

      This is a 249 card large set and releases on September 27, 2013!

      Prereleases September 21-22! Game Day October 19-20!

      Theros Booster Box – $109.95
      Theros Booster Case – $649.95
      Theros Fat Pack -$32.95
      Theros Booster Pack – $3.50
      Theros Intro Deck Set of Five – $49.95


      From The Vault: Twenty available for order!

        Releases this Friday the 23rd of August. We are pre-selling for $199.95. Get them before they are gone!

        Welcome to the new Heavy Support Games wesbite!

          There have been a lot of changes at Heavy Support Games online in the last year. Several months ago we moved from a .pdf catalog e-mail based ordering system to a fancy new shopping cart system. The hope was that a streamlined ordering processes would make things more efficient and easier for the customers.

          Problems quickly cropped up though with difficulties dealing with Canadian taxes (it was a US based provider) and with syncing our inventory with the store stock and that of our distributors. Then in June Games Workshop announced that they would no longer allow any online sales of their products by independent retailers. This combined with continued stock issues at Privateer Press and made us realize that going forward the best course of action is to do what we do best in the shop every day – providing the customer with personalized service.

          Therefore we are switching our web presence to a blog format and directing all orders from our online customers to be place by telephone. We understand this is more time consuming and cannot be done during non-business hours. That said, on the flip side on the telephone we can provide you with up to the minute stock updates, advice and any other assistance you may need with you order. Additionally the staff here at Heavy Support Games will be posting all of our announcements on this page in a very accessible blog format – never miss an event or sale again!

          We hope you will continue to choose Heavy Support Games and if you have any questions or concerns – please let us know at (647) 343-5436.

          Matt Lawrence
          Heavy Support Games